Using of LAMMPS and OVITO Software Packages to Study the Microkinetics of SH-synthesis of Nickel Aluminides

  • В.И. Иордан Алтайский государственный университет (Барнаул, Россия)
  • И.А. Шмаков Алтайский государственный университет (Барнаул, Россия)
  • Ю.А. Панченко Алтайский государственный университет (Барнаул, Россия)
Keywords: LAMMPS software package, OVITO software package, SH synthesis, nickel aluminide, temperature profile, combustion wave, crystal lattice


The paper discusses some aspects of the application of the LAMMPS software package, which implements the molecular dynamics (MD) method and by means of MD method simulates the process of propagation of a combustion wave along a sample in the form of a stack of alternating layers of nanoscale crystal lattices of Ni and Al atoms (the atomic system is on the order of a million and more atoms) with the formation of nickel aluminides in the process of SH synthesis. In addition, as the interatomic interaction potential were used two versions of the "embedded atom" model (EAM) for which computational experiments (CEs) were carried out. The second software package OVITO was used to recognize and visualize various types of crystalline, quasi-crystalline and other types of structures. Namely, the OVITO package made it possible to recognize and calculate in the simulated atomic system the percentage of next types of structures: fcc, bcc, hcp and etc. For two varieties of the EAM potential, the results of the CEs include: a family of temperature profiles along the layers of the structure at successive instants of time (up to 12 ns) and a corresponding set of microsections (vertical crosssections along the layers of the atomic system).

DOI 10.14258/izvasu(2018)4-03


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